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ClevAir: Saving Energy and CO2 Emissions

In an age where conserving energy is synonymous with preserving the environment, ClevAir, a Norwegian company, takes the lead in the race to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions from commercial properties.

ClevAir: – Ved å spare strøm, reduserer vi også CO₂-utslipp.

Their mission: optimizing Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems in large buildings across multiple European countries. 

As they navigate the challenges of an energy deficit intensified by recent European conflicts and climate issues, ClevAir seizes these obstacles as opportunities, reducing energy consumption by at least 20 percent.

Note: We have changed our name since the video was recorded. When SmartEO is mentioned, this is what’s now called Å Insite.


The Greenest Energy is the Unconsumed Energy

ClevAir operates with a simple yet powerful philosophy: the most environmentally friendly electricity is the one that goes unused. By striving to save energy, they simultaneously contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

Rikke Werge Nilsen, ClevAir's Marketing Director, highlights their focus on achieving a dual impact of sustainability and cost savings for their customers.


Streamlining Energy Consumption Through IoT and Software

ClevAir's method is as innovative as it is effective. They employ a combination of IoT devices, software tools, and cutting-edge algorithms to optimize HVAC systems, systematically reducing energy consumption and minimizing CO2 emissions.

Furthermore, ClevAir's customers gain access to valuable insights, dashboards, and data for generating reports that align with the upcoming EU taxonomy.

Rikke Werge Nilsen shares the remarkable results: - Several of our customers have experienced reductions in consumption of up to 30 percent. On 10,000 square meters, this translates to substantial savings, directly impacting our customers' bottom line."


Real-Time Energy Data from Å Insite

Bjørn Gabrielsen, ClevAir's enthusiastic CEO, appreciates the real-time energy data delivered by Å Insite, particularly its credibility and precision. He underlines that in some markets, meter reading remains a manual process. Receiving continuous, accurate energy data directly into an API represents a significant leap in building management.

Gabrielsen also applauds Å Insite's algorithms, which enable precise calculations even when there are gaps in the data stream. This feature adds a level of reliability that distinguishes Å Insite from its competitors.


Comprehensive Coverage of Energy Carriers

In the international market, tracking energy consumption goes beyond just electricity. Gabrielsen emphasizes the importance of being able to measure gas and thermal energy. Å Insite's versatility in covering all energy carriers facilitates their operations abroad. The robust, error-free data stream, coupled with the adaptive algorithms, ensures they have the complete, accurate data they need.

In the journey toward a greener tomorrow, ClevAir and Å Insite are united in their commitment to reducing energy consumption, lowering CO2 emissions, and offering customers the tools to optimize their energy usage and make a positive environmental impact.

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