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Noova: Empowering Clients with Advanced Insights

By offering more detailed energy data, Noova opens the door to new opportunities for its clients, whether it's in tenant billing or sustainability reporting.

Unleashing New Possibilities: Noova Empowers Customers with Deeper Insights and Innovative Services.

Many businesses currently waste both money and energy due to a lack of insight in their electricity consumption. Noova employs cutting-edge technology to combat this issue, aiming to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Noova often emphasizes that the cheapest electricity is the one you don't use, a sentiment we wholeheartedly endorse. Together, we ensure businesses gain a better understanding of their own consumption and can cut costs where possible.

- One thing is to collect quality data; another is to present the information in an understandable way. Å Insite is excellent at obtaining data, and Noova are experts in visualizing and utilizing this further, says Noova's CTO, Jarl Haugland.


Energy Data for Detailed Measurement and Insight

To offer clients more granular measurement and deeper insights into their energy consumption, Noova turned to Å Insite. In Noova's realm, this entails deploying sub-meters that provide details about specific power circuits.

Haugland elaborates: - With this level of measurement, we can capture nuanced details about specific power circuits that have high electricity usage, and that we want to follow up on. Or we can use the insight to allocate costs based on actual consumption, something more and more people are realizing the value of.

The installation of these meters, managed by Å Insite, ensures a seamless flow of energy data into Noova's systems. For Noova, the paramount requirement is reliability and continuous data delivery.


Allocating Costs to the Right Consumers

Noova's clients, much like others, are increasingly conscious of their own electricity consumption. They find immense value in allocating electricity costs based on actual usage.

- Through Å Insite, we can measure actual consumption at a much higher resolution than our competitors, a feature highly appealing to our clients, Haugland affirms.



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