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Veifo's Energy Efficiency Revolution: 15 Percent Energy Savings isn't enough

Galleri Oslo, declared Norway's ugliest building multiple times, has emerged as one of the country's smartest.

15 Percent Energy Savings Wasn't Ambitious Enough for Veifo – They Wanted More

While achieving a 15% energy savings with a Building Energy Management System (BEMS) might satisfy many, Veifo aimed higher.

The Pursuit of Unconventional Savings

Veifo, a Norwegian consulting firm, refused to settle for conventional figures. Instead, they sought to challenge the status quo, achieving savings ranging from 20% to 40% in the buildings they work on.

Their secret? High-quality, real-time data combined with expert advice, according to André Ibenholt, Technical Manager at Veifo.

- We didn't want to settle for those conventional figures. We wanted to challenge them. In the buildings we work on, we achieve savings between 20 and 40 percent when we fully exploit all the potentials, says André Ibenholt, Technical Manager at the Norwegian consulting firm.

Please note: We have changed our name. SmartEO, mentioned in the video, is the same product as the current Å Insite.


Better Data Control with Å Insite

Data capture can be a complex process, often riddled with gaps and inaccuracies. Veifo, responsible for energy and maintenance management in Galleri Oslo, faced this issue.

- In such cases, it's often difficult to determine whether the gaps are due to the meter provider, the building control system, or the data recipient," says Ibenholt.

When their BEMS provider introduced Å Insite, Veifo was eager to use it on this complex building.

Galleri Oslo, stretching 450 meters from Vaterland to Grønland, is a bustling hub housing kiosks, cafes, offices, businesses, and Oslo's Bus Terminal. All of this makes the building very interesting as a pilot project.

Veifo, with many measuring devices in place, suspected data inaccuracies – which is not unusual, Ibenholt points out.

Å Insite was introduced at Galleri Oslo, revolutionizing data collection with a shift from daily and hourly readings to data collected by the second. This advancement opened up a realm of possibilities.


Detecting Hard-to-Spot Energy Thieves

Uncontrolled energy and CO2 consumption can lead to significant losses. Often, undetected energy thieves such as simultaneous heating and cooling systems, unnecessarily running lights, and malfunctioning equipment are to blame. 

Ibenholt's experience is that you never have complete control:

- It's easy to think that you have a well-functioning and energy-efficient building. But how can you identify the components that are difficult to detect but consume a lot of power? You need high-resolution data that arrive immediately, he says.

Identifying these hidden culprits demands high-resolution data delivered almost instantly.


More Accurate Predictions with Å insite

One of Veifo's mantras is not to dwell on a building's theoretical limitations. Instead, they focus on what is happening in the building.

- We are a bit unconventional at Veifo, perhaps because many of us have practical backgrounds and aren't college-educated engineers. We don't settle for looking in the rearview mirror. With Å Insite, we are moving closer to our ambitious goal of being able to predict what will happen, Ibenholt explains.

Thanks to Å Insite, Veifo can collect data with such frequency that they can account for more variations.

- We can create algorithms that predict temperature and weather phenomena several days in advance. Spot prices are known, so with this data resolution, we can manage to shift consumption to cheaper times of the day. 

By using Å Insite as their energy data provider, their own algorithms, and the solution from Veifo's BEMS provider, Gurusoft, they managed to reduce the spot price by 0.04 USD more, compared to other sites.

According to Ibenholt, Å Insite is a game-changer for those seeking to stay ahead in energy efficiency. It's innovative, quick to set up, provides trustworthy data, and offers a one-point contact solution for data transfer, making it an invaluable asset.

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