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How Does a Collaboration with Å Insite Work?

The need to obtain high-quality energy data has often resulted in dealing with multiple suppliers and disjointed systems, all while doubting the data's accuracy. As an energy data provider, Å Insite presents an alternative solution to this.

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You can entrust the complexity of energy data management to Å Insite and receive reliable and cleansed data through our API.

Å Insite comprises two essential components: on-site services and hardware maintenance; and a technologically platform for data cleansing.

We handle site inspection and oversee the installation, even covering the costs of new hardware acquisition if necessary. Our streamlined processes ensure cost-effective installations and integrations.


Our solution includes

  • Site inspection
  • Installation and/or integration of measurement infrastructure
  • Data collection and processing
  • Data refinement and cleansing
  • Data delivery via API
  • Ad hoc support and maintenance 


From Scoping to ongoing support

The collaboration begins with a comprehensive understanding of the your facility, including circuit lists, diagrams, and images. Depending on the available information, we may proceed with setting up measurement infrastructure. In cases that require a deeper understanding, an inspection is carried out. 

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Where possible, we aim to integrate and configure existing measurement structures or combine new and existing meters, ensuring smooth coordination and effective communication with relevant personnel.

Once the measurement infrastructure is installed and integrated, we initiate a rigorous verification process on our data platform. This process is designed to guarantee the data's accuracy and integrity.

We also identify and rectify errors within existing systems, to make sure you realize the full value of the new setup.


Uptime and Hardware Maintenance

Upon activation of the API, the collaboration enters an operational phase. During this phase, we take full responsibility for maintaining uptime and ensure the data's continued high accuracy and resolution.

We are committed to customer satisfaction and will bear the cost of hardware replacement in the event of malfunction. We manage everything that would otherwise demand manual time and resources from your part, all at a predictable, agreed cost.

In summary, Å Insite handles everything related to energy data collections, giving you enhanced predictability.

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