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Preventive Maintenance With Energy Data

With adequate data, you’re able to see changes in energy consumption long before you hear noises in the machinery. This enables operators to plan for and stay ahead with maintenance work.

Benjamin fra Facilitec

A manual, annual inspection of your machinery gives you a snapshot at a given moment, one out of 365 days a year.

– With the data quality we have now, we have a snapshot every second, every day, all year round. We are able to detect errors long before we can see or hear them, says André Ibenholt, Technical manager at consulting company Veifo.


Detect deviations as they occur

We have talked to two of the most innovative maintenance experts we know, André Ibenholt from Veifo and Benjamin Vinland from Facilitec.

Benjamin explains that each technical system has its unique consumption signature, and when you know how the pattern of one component, such as a fan, should look like, it's easy to see when something changes. This gives the opportunity to work more proactively and plan maintenance work when it suits you.

André points to a door behind him and tell us that they currently are changing the bearing on a ventilation motor. The data showed that the energy consumption increased, and with a listening device, they could hear a noise in the machinery.

- We saw from the data that the motor was not as efficient as before. We're replacing it now, as we have the time and capacity. We know the exact condition of our equipment, every single day. When we combine this with the maintenance systems and routines we have, it get quite fun!


Save energy and money with proactive maintenance

- All technical systems wear down over time and require maintenance. When you know how much energy an engine uses when it's new compared to when it's worn, you can calculate when maintenance is most cost-effective, explains Benjamin.

He highlights the following example: A worn bearing increases friction and cause higher power consumption. Even though the bearing may last a little longer, we can calculate whether it's still cost-effective to replace it in saved electricity costs.

The same applies to worn filters; with the help of the data, Benjamin can assess whether filter replacement is necessary or not.

- There is always an extra kilowatt to capture, he concludes.


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