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Why Do You Get Inaccurate Energy Data?

Most energy meters provide inaccurate data. Why is that, and how can you avoid it happening to you?


No buildings are exactly alike. This is especially true for commercial buildings, ranging from historical museums and massive warehouses to modern offices and multifunctional buildings.

While the challenges vary, we often encounter three recurring issues when it comes to energy data meaurement:


1. Meter Installation Errors

In a complex main panel with many components, manual errors can occur, such as clamps being attached to the wrong phase or in the wrong order. The consequence is that while the graph may look correct, the measurements are wrong. This is hard to avoid and even harder to detect.

To uncover the cause and correcting phase shifts requires a significant amount of manual troubleshooting. These errors are extremely 


2. Meter Dimensioning Errors

A common mistake is using meters that measure megawatts instead of kilowatts, where the latter would be more appropriate.

The consequence is that you won't see the consumption until the meter has registered one megawatt, resulting in significant jumps in the visualization. This makes it difficult to identify energy thieves.


3. Low-Resolution

Some time ago, we received a dataset from a commercial building that showed something peculiar. Every morning, at 08:05, the graph made a jump, before returning to a more normal value a few minutes later. No one knew what it was or why it happened.

Energy data with different resolution

The reason no one had noticed this earlier was that their previous data had hourly values. On an hourly basis, the consumption appeared entirely normal, as the daily five minute peeks were evened out.

This is a typical example of how low-resolution energy data prevents you from reaching the full potential of energy efficiency measures. This is especially common in older facilities where neither the technology nor the need for high-resolution data was present at the time of installation – and there are many such buildings.

Learn more about the value of high-resolution energy data.

The solution?

The decisions you make will never be better than the foundation they are based on. This means you won't unlock the full potential of energy efficiency unless you have reliable energy data. This is one of the major barriers preventing more widespread adoption of smart solutions and one of the main reasons why most people don't get the most out of their investments.

We specialize in everything from hardware selection and installation to structuring and quality assurance of your data. Choosing a provider integrated with our API ensures that your energy data is well taken care of.

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